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We are sorry to announcement that the 2012 Sweet and Hot Music Festival has been cancelled.

"This hurts..... It hurts a lot ...

I  am sorry to announce that the 2012 Sweet and Hot Music Festival scheduled to be held over the Labor Day Weekend- August 31, September 1-2-3 has been cancelled.

It has been a wonderful ride-  sixteen years-- great music-- great fans-- the best of times.

Thanks to all the gifted, incredible artists who made the music happen for all those years.

Thanks to the loyal, dedicated fans who kept the flames burning.

Thanks to all the volunteers whose contribution was so welcome and so necessary.

I know that the talent and dedication will keep the music happening around the world for a long time to come.

It doesn't matter if it's Sweet or Hot - keep the Music swinging with all you've got.

Wally Holmes 
Executive Festival Director

Thanks for the memories Wally!

Barbara Morrison

Herb Jeffries

Marguaret Love & The Pieces Of Eight

Marguaret Love

Bob Villa

Terrence Thomas

Nedra Wheeler

Lobby Jam


Rachel & Rosy

Lobby Jam

Bill Redd

Dee Dee McNeil

Paul Kreibich

Eloise Laws

Jennifer Leitham

Mike Sims

The Mills Brothers

Rickey Woodard

Catherine McClenahan

Ron Kobayashi

Henry Franklin

Yolanda Klappert

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